Aloe Products

Aloetrade America LLC distributes the following aloe products

1. Aloe Gel

Aloe gel is the traditional way to offer the Aloe Vera juice. In some countries, aloe gel is called o a gelified Aloe Vera juice, but in most countries and markets, Aloe Vera gel is  an identical producto to aloe juice. In cosmetic manufacturing, however, aloe gel is an aloe juice with any thickener, as carbonero for instance.

Aloe Fillet for Industrial Use

Aloe fillet is a simple product, just for industrial processing. The aloe fillet is a simple inner fillet from the aloe leaf, without aloin or with a low aloin content. It can be used to produce diferent kind of foods, beverages, cosmetics, personal care products, cleaning products and any other item which contains aloe vera into its formulation. Aloe fillets are a bulk product for ultimate processing or manufacturing.

How to Prepare Homemade Hand Sanitizer with Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe EasyTM fillet is a mix ready to prepare aloe vera hand sanitizer at home. You only have to grind in a mixer and then mix with alcohol, obtaining a fabulous formula that will care your hands.

These videos show how to prepare hand sanitizer at home.

The first video shows how to prepare aloe vera gel starting from our product Aloe EasyTM fillets.

Aloe Frozen FilletTM - Aloe Fillets for Home Consumption

Aloetrade America is proudly to offer a new product for home consumption.

Aloe Frozen FilletTM is a simple product, the inner fillet obtained from the aloe vera leaf. It can be used for different purposes, form a nutritious Aloe Vera smoothie to a homemade aloe vera hand sanitizer.

Aloe Frozen FilletTM for Consumer Use 

By davaro, 29 April, 2020

Coronavirus: Aloe vera producers are being squeezed as people make DIY hand sanitizer

Dalvin Brown


Amidst the ongoing coronavirus crisis, Vicki Sherlock had a hard time finding hand sanitizer. 

She decided to make her own using rubbing alcohol, which she had in the cabinet, and aloe vera, a product that was alarmingly hard to find.