ALOEWATERCLEAN - Disinfectant for irrigation water used in agriculture

ALOEWATERCLEAN is a formulation based on aloe polysaccharides and amino acids, mixed with roselle extract for use in the disinfection and bacteria control of irrigation water used in agricultural plantations.

CLEANALOE - Cleaner and Disinfectant for Fruits and Vegetables

CLEANALOE is a green, sustainable and highly safe solution for use in the washing process of all types of fruits and vegetables at packing facilities, which maintains the safety and health standards established by various regulations or programs, such as FSMA (USA), Regulation 1169/2011 (European Union), CODEX Alimentarius, or the HACCP, PRIMUS, BRC, Global Gap certifications, among others.

By davaro, 29 April, 2020

Coronavirus: Aloe vera producers are being squeezed as people make DIY hand sanitizer

Dalvin Brown


Amidst the ongoing coronavirus crisis, Vicki Sherlock had a hard time finding hand sanitizer. 

She decided to make her own using rubbing alcohol, which she had in the cabinet, and aloe vera, a product that was alarmingly hard to find.