Aloe Fillets for Industrial Use

Aloe Fillet for Industrial Use

Aloe fillet is a simple product, just for industrial processing. The aloe fillet is a simple inner fillet form the aloe leaf, without aloin or with a low aloin content. It can be used to produce diferent kind of foods, beverages, cosmetics, personal care products, cleaning products and any other item which contains aloe vera into its formulation. Aloe fillets are a bulk product for ultimate processing or manufacturing.

Also, our alloe fillets may be used to obtain aloe gel or aloe juices, or just to repack for food or for external uses, and sold to supermarkets, health stores, natural shops, etc. 

Aloe fillets contain about 85% of small to medium aloe fillets and 15% of aloe juice as syrup.


Aloe vera fillets (Aloe Barbadensis Miller) in aloe vera juice, preservatives and acidulants.

Appearance: Amber yellow

Smell: Typical of vegetable

Fungal and Yeast Microbial Assay: <10 CFU / G

Shelf life under optimal conditions: 6 months.

We offer aloe fillets packed in 55 gallon drums. 

Product is delivered

  • in Mexico

  • in United States

    •  at Nogales, AZ  

    • at McAllen, TX 

    • We may arrange inland freight to main US cities

Each pallet has four 55 gallon drums.

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If you wish aloe fillet for final consumers please go to the Aloe EasyTM page.