Aloe Gel

Aloe Vera Gel - Aloe Vera Juice 

Our company offer different options for a general product well known as aloe gel or aloe juice.

We distribute different options for aloe gel, just as raw materials for other industries or just as aloe gel as finished product for other uses.

Basically, the two main products offered are the inner fillet aloe vera juice 1X and whole leaf aloe vera juice 1X (decolorized or not).

• Aloe Vera inner fillet juice

The juice obtained from the inner gel from aloe - mostly called as aloe vera inner fillet juice- is made by means of a process that allows to separate the skin from the pulp or mucilaginous gel that is inside the leaf.

This process is done with an automatic filleting machine. In this method of mechanical filleting, the leaves are cleaned and sanitized, then are cut with an electric blade the automatic filleting machine has inside. With this process the skin on both sides of the leaf is removed. What is left is the leaf's core, that is, the mucilaginous fillet from the aloe leaf.

Aloe fillets are then converted into liquid through the use of a pulper or a finisher. After juice is obtained, it is then filtered to eliminate aloin content and small particles. Some juices ares prepared without pasteurization, while other are pasteurized before dellvered to customers. Those are the usual steps to obtain aloe juice, which in this case is called aloe vera juice from inner fillet or directly, aloe vera iner fillet juice. This aloe juice is an aqueous liquid, light amber color.

That juice has not been concentrated, so it is called 1X or 1:1 inner fillet aloe vera juice.

• Whole leaf aloe vera juice

Whole leaf aloe vera juice is made by processing aloe leaves as a whole, and that does not separate the skin from the pulp or mucilaginous gel inside.

Whole leaf aloe vera juice is produced by taking all cleaned and sanitized aloe vera leaves, which are processed by grinding. From this process a juice is obtained and subsequently, some type of treatment is carried out to achieve enzymatic splitting to defibrate the mixture. Then, the resulting suspension is filtered to remove unwanted material. This process is known as filtered and decolorized. Finally, the process of stabilizing cold or hot, which depends on the type of material required and the final destination of the product.

The product obtained is called whole leaf aloe vera juice. That juice has not been concentrated, so it is called 1X or 1:1 whole leaf aloe vera juice.

Currently, there are serious questions about the use of this type of whole-leaf aloe for human use, as long as a correct filtering and clarification process has not been carried out. Therefore, it is absolutely important to achieve a correct filtration and clarification process to eliminate traces of aloin and other anthracenic compounds.


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