INOCUALOE - Disinfection of Equipment and Facilities at Fresh Produce Packing Facilities

INOCUALOE - Disinfection of Equipment and Facilities at Fresh Produce Packing Facilities

INOCUALOE is a green and sustainable solution for the disinfection of equipment, facilities, cold rooms, floors and surfaces of fresh produce packing facilities and/or other food industries that must present high levels of safety.

INOCUALOE is a formulation based on aloe polysaccharides and anthraquinones, combined with peracetic acid, hydrogen peroxide and acetic acid.

To maintain high standards of safety, it is necessary to disinfect all the equipment and facilities for fruit and vegetable packing. This operation must be carried out daily, after the day's packing process is finished, in order to preserve the safety and health standards established by a variety of regulations or programs, such as FSMA (USA), Regulation 1169/2011 (European Union ), CODEX Alimentarius, or the HACCP, PRIMUS, BRC, Global Gap certifications, among others.

For this purpose INOCUALOE was developed, as a product based on natural extracts to disinfect equipment and facilities, which combines the powerful antifungal and antibacterial effects of aloe with the cleaning and antimicrobial action of the other compounds that make up its formulation.

The product must be mixed with water and poured into pressure washers or washing equipment for subsequent use in cleaning and disinfection. It should be used with water already treated in its hardness and pH between 6.0 and 7.0, preferably tap water (tap) or drinking water.

INOCUALOE main benefits are

  • Allows greater disinfection of equipment and facilities

  • Broad spectrum and fast acting

  • Offers antibacterial and antifungal protection to equipment and facilities.

  • More than 70% totally natural ingredients, obtained from plant extracts

  • Compatible with metal surfaces. It does not generate corrosion of materials because its compounds inhibit possible oxidation.

  • Does not offer toxicity to fruits and vegetables

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