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Good Agricultural Practices for Pre-Harvest and Post-Harvest Management in Lemon


Lemon is a tree fruit, which belongs to the citrus family. Related to oranges, tangerines, grapefruit, apples, and some others. The lemon tree can measure up to 6 meters in height, its leaves are shiny and the fruit is round-oval with a shiny skin texture and small holes. Lemon's main characteristic is an intense acid flavor, and its versatility when it comes to wanting to consume it.



By davaro, 12 June, 2023

Good Agricultural Practices for Pre harvest and Post harvest Management in Oranges

The orange is a special, unique fruit, with certain characteristics that make it attractive in the market and consequently in the life of the human being. The orange is delicious, good in every way, noble in its development and loyal in its harvest. The orange belongs to the Rutáceas family, it is thought that the orange is a fruit native to Asia, but these are only speculations, since the data is uncertain, in fact its origin is not known with certainty.

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Good Agricultural Practices for Pre harvest and Post harvest Management in Strawberry - Strawberry

The strawberry -called strawberry in several Latin American countries- is a delicious and fleshy fruit, a fruit that is friendly to any palate, because the flavor of the strawberry is delicious and above all very particular.

The strawberry is physically red, seedless in the center but in its rind, it does not have a pit, its texture is shiny with relief of small cracks and it is very similar in size to a guava.

By davaro, 2 June, 2023

Strawberry cultivation process from start to harvest & packing

The strawberry growing process from seed to harvest and packing involves several stages.

Here is a general description of each of them:

Soil preparation: Before sowing, the soil must be prepared. This involves removing weeds, conditioning the soil, and correcting the pH if necessary. Additionally, nutrients such as organic or inorganic fertilizers are added to provide a suitable environment for strawberries to grow.

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How the bio stimulants can improve a wheat crop?

Bio stimulants can play a beneficial role in improving wheat crops by enhancing their growth, development, and overall performance.

Here are several ways that bio stimulants can contribute to improving wheat crops: