greencoating - Edible Coating for Fresh Produce - European Union

greencoating - Edible Coating for Fresh Produce - European Union

greencoating is a 100% natural, edible coating for use in fruits and vegetables, which are produced within the European Union boundaries, or I any third country but exported to European Union markets. It is a specific formula developed to comply with all EU regulations related to coatings for fruit and vegetables. 

greencoating is made from sucroesters of fatty acids, creating a protective coating on fresh produce, thus reducing respiration and perspiration, protecting from fungi and bacteria and thus extending shelf life of the products.

greencoating main benefits are:

  • Extends product shelf life.

  • Increases Food Safety

  • Provides anti-bacterial and antifungal function

  • Easy adherence to fresh produce

  • Reduces respiration rate and delay physiological changes

  • Provides firmness to the product and avoid weight loss

  • Keep product in good conditions for long transport journeys

  • Reduces Food Waste

  • Improves quality and marketability of fresh produce

We offer greencoating for many fruits, vegetables, greens and microgreens.