By davaro, 7 June, 2023

Agriculture: One of the 10 industries that are most poised for significant disruption and innovation in the near future.

While it's challenging to predict with certainty which industries will experience significant disruption and innovation in the near future, several sectors are commonly considered ripe for transformation due to emerging technologies, changing consumer demands, and global trends.

By davaro, 15 May, 2023

What is a solar protector in agriculture?

In agriculture, a solar protector is a type of material or substance used to protect crops from the harmful effects of solar radiation.

Solar protectors work by reducing the amount of solar radiation that reaches the crops, which can help to prevent damage from excessive heat and ultraviolet (UV) radiation.

By davaro, 15 May, 2023

What is a seed coating in agriculture?

A seed coating is a process in agriculture where seeds are treated with a protective layer or coating before planting.

Seed coating can provide several benefits to seeds, such as improving their germination, enhancing their resistance to pests and diseases, and increasing their nutrient uptake.

By davaro, 15 May, 2023

What is an adjuvant in agriculture?

An adjuvant in agriculture is a substance or material that is added to fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, and other agricultural chemicals to improve their effectiveness or performance.

Adjuvants are typically added to the spray solution or tank mix and work by modifying the physical or chemical properties of the pesticide or herbicide. Adjuvants are also added to granular or liquid fertilizers to improve the soil or the crop yields.

By davaro, 15 May, 2023

What is a soil and foliar improver in agriculture?

A soil and foliar improver is a substance used in agriculture to improve soil fertility and plant growth.

Soil and foliar improvers work by enhancing the nutrient content of soil and increasing the availability of nutrients to plants. They can be used to improve plant health, increase crop yield, and promote sustainable agriculture practices.

By davaro, 15 May, 2023

What is a biostimulant in agriculture?

Biostimulants are substances and microorganisms used in agriculture to improve plant growth, health, and productivity.

Biostimulants work by enhancing plant nutrient uptake, stress tolerance, and root growth, among other benefits. Biostimulants differ from fertilizers in that they do not directly provide nutrients to plants but rather stimulate natural processes within the plant to promote growth and health.

SmartFertiFix S -Adjuvant 


SmartFertiFix S is a green and sustainable adjuvant that increases efficiency and reinforces the action of the fertilizers applied to the crop.

SmartFertiFix S is a plant based adjuvant that increases the potential of obtaining nutrients by crops, by prolonging their availability in the soil solution.

SmartFertiFix F Foliar Adjuvant 


SmartFertiFix F (Foliar) is a green and sustainable adjuvant designed to reinforce the action of fertilizers, nutrients and foliar agrochemicals.

It is a plant based adjuvant that acts as a surfactant, dispersant and penetrant.

Its application is by foliar route together with the fertilizers, nutrients and agrochemicals applied via foliar.

ALOENOHARD - Cleaning Aid and Hardness Corrector for Water Used In Irrigation

ALOENOHARD is a sustainable product to be used as a cleaning aid and corrector of the hardness of the water used in irrigation, sprinkling or spraying processes, depending on the crops, both in the open field (for large and extensive crops) and in shade mesh or greenhouses (horticulture and intensive crops).

ALOENOHARD is sustainable and green as it is a product manufactured from aloe polysaccharides, minerals and anthraquinones.

ALOEWATERCLEAN - Disinfectant for irrigation water used in agriculture

ALOEWATERCLEAN is a formulation based on aloe polysaccharides and amino acids, mixed with roselle extract for use in the disinfection and bacteria control of irrigation water used in agricultural plantations.