Aloe Fillet for Homemade Hand Sanitizer

Aloe Fillet - Base Formula for Homemade Hands Gel and Soap Sanitizer

Aloetrade America is proudly to offer a new product for sanitary use. Aloe EasyTM fillet is a simple product, just for industrial processing or for final consumption, when appropiately packed. The aloe fillet is a simple inner fillet form the aloe leaf, without aloin or with a low aloin content.

Our alloe fillets may be used to obtain aloe gel or aloe juices, or just to repack for food or for external uses, and sold to supermarkets, health stores, natural shops, etc

Other Aloe Products

Other Aloe Products 

We offer other aloe products manufactured from aloe gel.

1. Aloe Powder

Aloe powder is a general expression which may refer to various products, basically to those aloe powders obtained from a freeze drying process (liophyllization), a spray drying process or a simple dehydrating process.

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