Other Aloe Products

Other Aloe Products 

We offer other aloe products manufactured from aloe gel.

1. Aloe Powder

Aloe powder is a general expression which may refer to various products, basically to those aloe powders obtained from a freeze drying process (liophyllization), a spray drying process or a simple dehydrating process.

Aloe Gel

Aloe Vera Gel - Aloe Vera Juice 

Our company offer different options for a general product well known as aloe gel or aloe juice.

We distribute different options for aloe gel, just as raw materials for other industries or just as aloe gel as finished product for other uses.

Basically, the two main products offered are the inner fillet aloe vera juice 1X and whole leaf aloe vera juice 1X (decolorized or not).

• Aloe Vera inner fillet juice

Welcome to Aloe Gel

Aloe Gel and Juice


This is a website solely dedicate to offer information on aloe gel, aloe juice and other aloe products manufactured and/or distributed by Aloetrade America LLC.

Aloetrade America LLC is a supplier of aloe raw materials and finished aloe products, for wholesale distribution and to different industrial customers. Aloetrade America LLC is a raw material supplier of aloe vera juices, aloe vera gel, aloe concentrates, aloe powders, aloe fillets, aloe pulp and aloe formulations specially designed for many industrial sectors, from the nutraceutical, cosmeceutical, skin care and personal care sectors, to the pharmaceutical, veterinary, food and beverage, fresh produce and agricultural sector, among others. In each industry we offer an aloe product or an aloe based solution.

Aloetrade America LLC also distributes aloe leaves, dietary aloe supplements, aloe cubes, aloe foods, aloe drinks, among others. For any enquiries please send a message through our Contact Form.

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