Aloe Cubes

Aloe Cubes

Aloe cubes are a new way to enjoy the properties and advantages of aloe vera.

Aloe cubes are a new alternative to the aloe vera juices or aloe vera drinks. The provide same benefits and are keep most of aloe vera properties since the industrial process allows the cubes to maintain most of the properties. Aloe polysaccharides, minerals, vitamins, aminoacids and enzymes are kept as when you cut the aloe vera leaf.

Uses of the Aloe Cubes

Aloe vera cubes may be used in different ways


Aloe cubes may be used in food preparations, usually as starters, main courses or desserts. Hotels in Hong Kong serves as a starter or a dessert jointly with pineapple or mango, for instance, while many chefs in Spain are using aloe cubes in starters or in main courses. In United States and Canada, many Hispanic and Asian population eats aloe in breakfast mixed with yogur or as a dessert, combining aloe with tropical fruits or berries.

You may prepare bread, crackers, puddings or any other bakery preparations usin aloe cubes too.


Aloe cubes are frequently used for preparation of juices or smoothies, mixed with many different fruits or vegetables. Papaya and aloe cubes. Mango and aloe cubes. Banana, strawberry and aloe cubes. Aloe cubes and berries. Aloe cubes and betabel. Aloe cubes and kale. Aloe cubes, celery and spinach. And many other juices or smoothies wherever your imagination can take. Juices or smoothies with aloe cubes are a healthy way to many consumers. 

Other Uses

Some consumers use aloe cubes to make puree or gel for personal care purposes. Some people uses it for hair care, while others use it in body or facial treatments. 


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