Aloe Hand Sanitizer

New Aloe Vera based Hand Sanitizer to the Market

Our company Aloetrade America LLC in conjunction with Aloe Eco Park SAPI de CV, our sister company in Mexico, is proudly to offer aloe vera based hand sanitizer, manufactured in Aloe Eco Park factory located at Navojoa, Sonora, Mexico and ready for shipment to US, Canada and other international markets.

We offer aloe vera based hand sanitizer in bulk right now and in the coming days, we will be offering in different PET packagings. At this time, when COVID-19 / Coronavirus pandemia is affecting billions of people, our aloe vera based hand sanitizer is an alternative option to avoid contagion of virus.

SanitAloe QMax is a sanitizing gel based on Aloe vera and fourth generation ammonium quaternary salts for intensive use in hand hygiene and deep moisturizing.

One of the main causes of the transmission of diseases and contagion is the lack of hygiene. Viruses and bacteria travel in the air and on people's hands as they touch all kinds of surfaces in daily activities.

Viruses and bacteria can enter our body from our hands when we touch our faces, eyes, nose or any skin wound. For this reason, the main measure of prevention and protection lies in the correct sanitation of our hands.

Because any surface we touch may be contaminated with viruses and bacteria, it is necessary to constantly sanitize our hands. For that reason, there are various alcohol-based hand sanitizers and other sanitizing ingredients, but the problem is that with frequent use, the skin becomes irritated, astringent and dry, which again, discourages its use, thus exposing itself again to danger of contagion.

SanitAloe QMax is a high concentration aloe vera sanitizing gel that offers deep moisturizing properties, leaving a pleasant sensation even after intensive use. The properties and broad spectrum of the components of SanitAloe QMax gives excellent bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal qualities. SanitAloe QMax is the best solution for intensive hand hygiene. 

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