Aloe Fillet for Homemade Hand Sanitizer

Aloe Fillets - Base Formula for Homemade Hand Sanitizer and Soap Sanitizer

Aloetrade America is proudly to offer a new product for sanitary use. Aloe EasyTM fillet is a simple product, just for industrial processing or for final consumption. The aloe fillet is a simple inner fillet form the aloe leaf. It can be used to produce homemade hand sanitizer or soap sanitizer.

Aloe Fillet for Consumer Use - Aloe EasyTM to prepare Hand Sanitizer

Our Aloe EasyTM fillet is conveniently packed in a plastic container with 32 fl. oz. where more than 70% is aloe fillet and 30% is aloe juice.

Aloe EasyTM fillets is a mix ready to prepare aloe vera hand sanitizer at home. You only have to grind in a mixer and then mix with alcohol, obtaining a fabulous formula that will care your hands.



Our lands have excellent condition for the growth of the aloe plant, which added to the Sonora sun and the adequate dosage of water and nutrients for the growth of the plant, generate aloe leaves of high nutritional value for the consumer and totally suitable to prepare aloe gel for sanitizing purposes.

Aloe is recognized for its antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties, backed by more than 4,000 scientific documents that support it. It is the ideal product to mix with alcohol and prepare a hand sanitizer.



Aloe vera fillets (Aloe Barbadensis Miller) in aloe vera juice, preservatives and acidulants.

Appearance: Amber yellow

Smell: Typical of vegetable

Fungal and Yeast Microbial Assay: <10 CFU / G

Shelf life under optimal conditions: 6 months.

We offer Aloe EasyTM packed in carton cases containing 10 units of plastic packaging with 32 fl.oz each.

Product is delivered in Mexico or at two main USA borders: Nogales, AZ or McAllen, TX. We may arrange inland freight to main US cities.

Each pallet has 60 carton cases with 600 units of Aloe EasyTM fillets.

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See our videos on how to prepare an aloe vera gel as hand sanitizer.

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